Monday, February 20, 2012

We love Salads!

I almost always make a salad when I cook for my gurlpals.... can't think of any one of them who won't eat raw greens! Endless possibilities and always yummy! Here, we have baby spinach greens, tomatoes, raw button mushrooms, pine nuts and smoked salmon. Dressed with aged balsamic vinegar and olive oil, and.... a special ingredient, something that I tell my friends about when they eat my salads, so it's not quite "secret"!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

We like Free Range Beef

... and non free-range too! LOL!
The MOTH is nuts about the Macdonald's Monopoly Game, so we have endless cups of corn (better alternative to the fries!) that I have to put in everything!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

More Ice Cream Cakes!

It hasn't been easy to take pictures of ice-cream, they melt and get eaten up before I can get my camera focused. The cakes are frozen solid so it's given me more time! Shown here are chocolate orange and durian (super popular!)

Here are the flavours I've made so far:

1. Durian (D13 +D24 Blend)
2. Salted Egg Yolk
3. Yuzu
4. Dark Cherry Chocolate
5. Dark Chocolate
6. Banana Walnut Caramel
7. Wasabi
8. Mango
9. Peach Yogurt
10. Strawberry
11. Passionfruit
12. Mango & Passionfruit
13. Lemongrass
14. Gula Melaka
15. Shiraz
16. Cherry & Vanilla
17. Chocolate-orange
18. Sheridan's Coffee Liqueur
19. Vanilla Bean & Raspberry
20. Lavender
21. Lemon Basil (I grow my own)
22. Cardamon
23. Ginger
24. Red Tea

My personal favorites are Passionfruit, Wasabi & Shiraz (of course!)

Lavender & Dark Chocolate
Lemon Balm & Basil
Reisling and Grape
Lychee Martini Sorbet
All kinds of liqueur flavours! (Haven't been able to make all that much as my guinea pigs have always included kids and nursing mothers)


I saw this being made on a kid's TV show and it looked so easy! I had some safron sitting in the fridge so I though it'd be fun to try it out. Little Missy helped place the raisins, she was spot on every time!

Friday, September 2, 2011

Ice Cream Cake!

I've been making so many different flavours of ice-cream lately... I thought I'd try to make a cake! Ice-cream cake is my absolute favourite. I made this with a layer of chocolate cake at the bottom, topped with vanilla bean and very light raspberry ice-cream. Didn't have a chance to add half a bottle of cream liquer in it, as half of the "customers" were kids. Haha!